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Stingless Honey
Many people have never heard of a Stingless Bee. Their name speaks for itself… Stingless, lack a functional sting. They store honey and pollen in vertical cerumen pots made up of propolis and wax. The hive itself differs from your regular Honey Bee in terms of shape and structure. With a sticky wax tube to protect the entrance of their hive and globular pots connected by a type of scaffolding.

The honey produced by Stingless Bees has citrus flavour notes with a slight tang. This is because the honey naturally ferments. We sell our honey in 100ml pots because what we have learned makes us aware of the medical potential and would only offer it in this quantity as we would encourage you to allow it to benefit you health, rewilding your... biome.

This fantastic product of nature has the potential to become a consumable sugar for diabetics, it carries 25% water and carries enzymes which only benefit your gut… and we now know that your psychology and your gut are directly related. Lets get you healthy!

The JustBEE Story
JustBEE Collaborates with local farmers and communities to encourage the practice of beekeeping vs. honey hunting. Pollinating from Arusha, Tanzania - around the agricultural areas surrounding Mount Meru, and the indigenous foot-hill flora of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Stingless bees produce less honey compared to honey bees, thus exhibiting less economic appeal to humans. The bees native to Mt Meru and Kilimanjaro produce on average one litre of honey per year. Which means we only harvest once a year. This happens at a certain time - before agricultural pesticide use is at its peak and long before the tropical rain season (when the bees are unable to forage). JustBee allows enough time for our bee colonies to repair the perforated pots and gather stores before the... winter season.

The use of stingless bees is referred to as meliponiculture, named after bees of the tribe Meliponini.

JustBEE is very much into understanding more about the biology of these bees so in order to better advise local farmers.

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JustBEE has adopted a Brazilian technique whereby harvested honey is stored in hermetically sealed vessels for a period of 4-6 months at room temperature where the honey undergoes a maturation and fermentation.

It has a distinct multifloral / citrus sweetness, mixed with an acidic taste, and is a fluid sweet-sour liquid.

JustBEE is complex and contains a higher moisture content, greater acidity, a lower level of total carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, organic acids, flavonoids and higher levels of antioxidant and biological activities. JustBee is... a matured bioactive phytomedicine for gastrointestinal health & wound healing.

This honey is super rare. While it’s not novel, it is certainly something the world is almost oblivious to.

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